About Salt of the Art

Judy Lewis

I’m soon to enter my second year at Etsy and I can’t believe how great it has been this last year. I was encouraged to go to a university for microbiology by my friends and family. When I realized that Microbiology wasn’t what I wanted to do I decided to try and get a degree in some sort of art. During this time I opened my Etsy store called Salt of the Art and was trying to sell Bath salts in hand painted jars. I quickly got discouraged (I didn’t know the ins and outs to selling online) and didn’t bother with my shop. I also realized what it would take and cost to get a BFA I got so overwhelmed and decided I couldn’t do that either, it was a very sad time for my ego. At this time I had brushed off my old Wacom table and to ease the stresses at work began making magnets of my fellow coworkers. (If you’ve seen my little avatar running around on my site that’s what they look like ) With their encouragement I began selling online. What started out as 10 very small and sad magnets flourished to over 370 different animals by the end of the year.

I’d always encourage and person wanting to pursue art to not listen to people who say it can’t be made into a living! Even if mine hasn’t yet that is my goal and i’m well on my way. I’m a one women show right now down to the start (doodling them) to the end (dropping them off at the p.o.)

I’m thankful for all my customers, friends, co-workers and Etsy who have gave me the encouragement I needed to keep going. =D I look forward to another good year!