German Shorthair pointer Badge Reel ID holder: Gift for dog lovers nurses, vet techs, veterinarians, zookeepers or medical workers, dog animal badge reels


Want this design on a coffee mug or ornament? Scoot over to and see what he has. If he doesn’t have the design already message him, he’d be happy to make it.

Customs, requests, and product tweaks are closed! I cannot (it’s just me alone making products, running the shop, and shipping) change badge reels …


German Shorthair Pointer Badge Reel.

For those who work hard just like their dog! The German Shorthair pointer, other than being a loving partner, loves to work it! So use it at work and Sport your pup at your job! Great For Hospital workers, Vet techs, and veterinarians!

Please read below for more information on Badge Reels and remember Custom work is closed right now and I can only offer what I have listed.

Badge reels- *Please note Badge reels do break. They have a life and sometimes short and sometimes very long. This is the Life of a badge reel. I can only guarantee them for 3 months. If your badge reel does break within this time frame please send a photo of the front and back of the product. I do check each badge reel to make sure it’s working before I ship it out. Repeated pulling the reel in and out quickly (for fun .. non-stop in a short period), dropping them, whacking your buddy with them, rough play, or adding more than just a plain plastic ID tag on it will shorten their lives significantly. The front plate cannot be switched out as I glue them on snuggly. =)

Belt clips: Slide onto clothing they do not swivel. Has a retractable Reel and is made for holding ID cards

Swivel Clips: Can clip onto most parts of clothing and swivels 360 degrees. Has a retractable reel and is made for holding ID cards

Like any bad photographer will tell you (haha I’m a bad picture taker) colors may look different on the actual products due to the wonky lighting in my house or computer settings.

The fronts are wipeable which is great for those that work at a hospital and regularly have to dodge human fluid projectiles being flung your way. They will be shipped clipped to a cute piece of cardstock inside a plastic bag.

Packages I ship contain small parts. Keep away from children and items I create are recommended for adult use only.

Also! This is my art, drawn and designed by me it’s not to be copied, reproduced, or resold. I own all rights to my art. I have very few places where my art is being sold and I know that they are and have agreed to allow it to be sold which are local and not online.

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Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 2 in
Clip Type



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